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NS COMPANY SERVICES LLC strives to be a one-stop shop to all of our clients in the matters of Registered Agent services.


 The annual services provided at no additional cost are as follows:


a. compliance with all required due diligence documentation;


b. documentation to maintain all domestic and offshore entities in good standing;

c. the preparation of company charts and annual minutes to preserve the company formalities so as to preserve its legal protection against outside creditors and/or tax authorities.  In addition to these services, we can assist our clients in providing accounting and tax preparation services through our affiliation with NS Consulting Services.


We're also proud to announce our joint venture with the Bolder Group (formerly known as AMS Financial), a company that's been working with us for over 30 years, offering private, corporate, and governance in more than 12 countries. This partnership certainly allows us to provide a wider range of services more promptly and efficiently. You will continue to be assisted by the same team in our office and our costs will not change. Our office address also remains the same.


In addition, a principal in NS Company Services, Nelson Slosbergas Esq. LLM in Taxation is a partner in the law firm of Weiss Serota Helfman Cole Bierman.  This law firm is a full service firm that can provide services in real estate, corporate, zoning/land use, litigation and other areas.

Services Offered

Business Graphs

• Registered Agent service


• Structure Chart


• Annual Maintenance Package:

– Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Shareholders/Members, which include the ratification of all corporate action of the previous year.

- Corporate  Chart.

- Registers of Directors, Officers and Members.

- Transmittal letter on all requirements due for the Company, including U.S Tax Obligation.


• Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Directors

• Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Members

• Compliance services

• Filing of annual reports/fees, which include payment of all domestic and offshore state, license, government and registered agent fees

• State’s requirements for RA representation

• Receive and forward  legal notices regarding the entity

• Provide information to maintain the company in good standing

• Compliance Services in the jurisdictions of each company including compliance under the Corporate Transparency Act in the US.

We thank you once again for the trust you have been placing in our office. It's always a pleasure to serve you and feel free to contact Rita at or

For more information about the Bolder Group, visit the website:

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