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Bolder Group

Services Offered

Business Graphs

• Structure Chart

• Annual Maintenance Package: Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Shareholders/Members, which include the ratification of all corporate action of the previous year Corp Chart (Annex II) Registers of Directors, Officers and Members; Transmittal letter on all requirements due for the Company, including U.S Tax Obligation.

• Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Directors.

• Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Members.

Compliance services.


• Filing of annual reports/fees, which include payment of all domestic and offshore state, license, government and registered agent fees.

• Registered Agent service: State’s requirements for RA representation / Receive and forward  legal notices regarding the entity / Provide information to maintain the company in good standing.

We thank you once again for the trust you have been placing in our office. It's always a pleasure to serve you and feel free to contact Rita at  or

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