NS Corporate Services

Speaking with the Judge

NELSON SLOSBERGAS, P.A., together with NS CORPORATE SERVICES INC. provide differentiated services to our client’s companies.  This service includes compliance of all required due diligence documentation, and documentation to maintain all domestic and offshore entities in good standing.  Our annual package includes all of the following:


■ StructureChart

■ Annual Maintenance Package:

– Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Shareholders/Members, which include the ratification of all corporate action of the previous year

- Corporate  Chart

- Registers of Directors, Officers and Members;

- Transmittal letter on all requirements due for the Company, including U.S Tax Obligation.

■ Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Directors

■ Preparation, filing and updating of the Registry of Members

■ Compliance services

■ Filing of annual reports/fees, which include payment of all domestic and offshore state, license, government and registered agent fees

■ Registered Agent service: 

• State’s requirements for RA representation

• Receive and forward  legal notices regarding the entity

• Provide information to maintain the company in good standing

We are pleased to offer our clients a monthly Newsletter that keeps them informed of current developments

or changes in the law and other articles of interest.